The Corpse Bride

"A young groom on the way to his bride's village, 
accidentally weds himself to a Corpse Bride..."
Adapted by Niki Landau, directed by Paul Lampert


Jennifer Balen, Nathan Carroll, Colin Doyle, Fraser Elsdon, Patrick Foran, Justin Goodhand, Richard Greenblatt, Evelyn Hart,Carys Lewis, Alexandra Manea, Sarah Orenstein, Andy Trithardt, William Vickers and Cadice Woloshyn.

Stage Manager: Sarah Miller

Assistant Direction: Robert Levine

Assistant Stage Manager: Nellwyn Lampert

Original Music: John Gzowski

Set & Costume Design: Teresa Przybylski

Lighting: Kevin Lamotte

Videography: Cameron Davis

Told as a movement piece with live music, THE CORPSE BRIDE is a work of striking originality!

in association with the Ashkenaz Festival and The Harold Green Jewish Theatre